How to Find a Russian Bride ? The Cheap and Genuine Way

While it has a slight stigma behind it, getting a mail order bride is actually a pretty noble endeavor.

For one, you’re helping a woman in an impoverished country come to America and live a   better life. And it’s a two-way street: you also get a devoted partner who will love you and fulfill your needs (both physical and emotional) for the rest of your life.

Obviously, there are the right ways and the wrong ways to go about finding a mail order bride. It’s a massive life event, and it’s not something that you should rush into on a whim.

Get Free Sexy Mail Order Russian Brides For Marriage


The cookie cutter way to get a sexy Russian bride is to go through an agency. In a nutshell, these agencies link girls in Russia to men in America so that they can get married. The man gets a devoted partner, and the girl gets to move out of her impoverished home country and come to America.

You won’t hear the term “free” with an agency, though. Far from it: you’ll be shelling out thousands of dollars in fees to the agency. That’s how they make their money.

As foreign Russian brides have become exponentially more popular in the past decade or two, there are now different routes you can take to get that bride that you want. Before we launch into that, let’s discuss why you’d want a bride from Russia in particular.

Why Would You Want a Russian Bride?

The stereotype behind Russian women? They’re attractive. And it’s surprisingly accurate – visit any Russian town or city and the average girl you see would be considered to be in the upper tier of attractiveness in the US.

There are a couple theories behind why this is, but the #1 most common one is that fact that when the USSR lost the war, it also lost a large percentage of its men. Less men means that only the prettiest girls were finding husbands and reproducing.

Another reason is because women in European countries, are, to put it simply, less fat. The obesity rates compared to countries like the US are miniscule. Some believe that if the US were to slim down to the size of countries like Russia, then the attractiveness levels would be similar.

What Secrets Bride Agencies Are Hiding From You ?

Okay, so we’ve established that if you want a sexy mail order bride, then you’re going to want to go with a Russian. But how do you go about finding one?

Like we mentioned earlier, you can go through an expensive agency. But not only will these agencies charge you exorbitant amounts for the brides… they might not even deliver one to you.

Most are based overseas, so whenever you contact one, you’ll be talking on the phone. It’s illegal in the US to set an agency like this up. Being overseas, you don’t have any protection against mail order bride scams. It’s not unheard of for agencies to simply take your money and stop answering your phone calls.

Why even go through a middleman? It’s 2014, after all. And these Russian brides aren’t being forced by the agencies to come to another country – they’re itching to do so. Russia isn’t a great country for a single woman… the opportunities are just not there.

So where are they going? They’re going to online dating sites like this one . The typical dating site is where two people might message each other and meet for coffee, but there are actually ones where you can browse the real Russian or Ukrainian mail order brides completely free.

These sites add a personal touch, too. With an agency, you might see a couple of pictures of your bride and speak on the phone with her briefly, but besides that you’re completely in the dark. With a dating site, you’ll be able to message back and forth, and even video chat to see if she’s actually as hot as in her pictures.

Overall? Going to an agency is still a viable solution, but there are a plethora of fees and risks involved. Get yourself on a dating site for a cheaper (and more fun) way to find your mail order bride.

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